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Where the Seagrass Touches the Sun

We launched our kayaks out of Lido Beach one mild morning.

Sun melted over our bodies and welcomed us into the expansive bay.

Kayaks lingered together like a school of fish. We paddled out toward

the channel. Once in the deep, we drank in the beauty of the bay.


A black snake bird swam alongside then disappeared. On the other

side of kayak, bird suddenly surfaced. Snake bird followed awhile

ducking and darting. Finally, fish found, winged flight with

trophy trapped.


We steered toward shoreline where the seagrass touches the sun.

A grey behemoth, whiskered faced and stout bodied, ate seagrass.

Manatees curiously watched as our kayaks drifted by.


We navigated toward the mangroves. Tropical trees in the middle

of the bay knitted together. Branch limbs lurched into the water

as if its roots could walk. Man created a series of tunnels

inside the large mangroves. We entered slowly and floated

in a fold of flora.


Starfish stirred as my paddle touched the sandy bottom. Oysters

clung to the roots of the mangrove.  A white ibis stood sentry.

In this shadowy shell, calm enveloped us. We exited the tunnels

and paddled peacefully back to Lido Beach. Sun-soothed day

spent on a blissful bay.


Published by:  The Raven’s Perch

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