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Tent of Humanity


Under a bridge in freezing rain,

the flap of a tent flies open,

Inside a couple huddles together for warmth.


On a white sandy beach in the tropics,

the linen flap of a cabana sways to a warm breeze.

A relaxed couple receives a massage for two.


In the Congo violence causes people to flee homes,

a makeshift tent barely covers a family of ten.

A camp filled with the hungry wait for a food delivery.


The table is set with china plates and gourmet cuisine,

A gauzy tent shields the African sun from the elegant setting.

A group returns from their escorted safari to a hearty meal.


The platoon leader signals his troops to invade,

canvas tents contain ammunition for various weapons.

The battalions look over a hill deciphering friend from foe.


A ruptured tent of humanity rips open,

the vast dichotomy shames me.

Disgrace overwhelms.


Published by: The Voices Project

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