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Sharks Passing

Fins glide in a shimmering sea.

She hears the ocean churn stories.

Sunny day, sand buckets full of hope.

Sharks are birthdays, they sneak up on you.

Just another candle to wish upon.


Scavengers snatch up cake crumbs  

the birthday girl drops shoreline.

Seagulls cry out for memories.

She rinses her hands in salty waters.

Sly shark sidles up seaside.


Splashing off reflections,

she swims in neck deep.

Lifeguard yells “shark!”

No time to look back,

toward the future, she dives.


Under water the current pulls.

She swims at lightning pace

toward shore. An oversized

man in green flowered trunks

fishes her out of the ocean.


On the beach she gasps for air.

Her friends offer comfort.

Shark seeks deep water.

Another birthday, and she

honors its passing.


Pamela D. Hirte


Published by:  Pegasus

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