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Reflecting on an Ocean's Day

Waves roll in waves roll out. My life is an ocean. A constant rise and fall of emotions. Some crest and fill up a bright blue sky, while others crash upon an empty beach. The moon’s pull of gravity guides the tide with perfection. It never fails to keep a promise. Do I? Like clouds of sea foam I sometimes break apart and blow away with the wind. The sea foam rolls down the beach, a casualty of the surf. Who are my casualties?


I walk barefoot in soft sand and see dawn’s shiny new beach. I start each day full of promises to keep. A white beach lies ahead with crystal clarity. Then footprints are trod, picnics shared, bread crumbs tossed, and tattoos of beach chairs are left behind. By days end the beach is marred with imperfections much like me. Mobs of hungry seagulls overwhelm quickly when I have only one morsel to offer. The greedy scavengers fly overhead and mock with their laughing song. Can’t the flock see my struggle to fill everyone’s needs?


At dusk, sunset offers rays of redemption. Soon darkness draws its curtain over a beach littered with promises, purged, failed, broken. Then night blackens the sky, the sea surges forth to retrieve forgotten debris. The oceans ebb and flow creates a new beach, unlittered, the calm of dawn stills all, and I begin again.


Published by The Illinois State Poetry Society 

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