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Heaven Under the Oleanders

Sense the romance of Bermuda

Smell its floral notes

Taste the tropical life


Pastel houses with white roofs

Pristine pink sandy beaches

Sparkling azure, sensuous sea


Roadside oleanders grow tall

Rose, pink and white blossoms

Perfume hangs over the island


Catacomb of caves under salty sea

Coral reefs in kaleidoscope colors

Hear waves crash down upon ocean rocks


Fishing boats speckle the bay

Weighing the day’s catch dockside

Sun reflects in marlin’s shiny fin


Cedars touch bright blue skies

Taste an avocado fresh from tree

Lavender when sun meets water


Hot sunny days with balmy nights

Snapshots stored in mind’s eye-



Published by the UK Poetry Library

and The Royal Gazette of Bermuda


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