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My Private Constellation

Evening grows dark, stars scatter in the sky

I search the constellations and seek what it reveals-

each star cluster shows a different part of who I am

my life sparkles on a moonlit stage tonight.


Starry nights quilt a constellation

Libra casts perfect harmony over me

My life in brilliant balance,

aglow in the atmosphere.


I slip my red dress on and dance near Venus

Cassiopeia, the queen, illuminates my femininity

gentle and comforting is my nature

clear skies, bright stars.



Radiant rays hover in the heavens

I fly with Pegasus and see my creative self-

poetry bright like the North Star

I light up the celestial sky.


The stars seduce night with lustrous lights

and scatter in a stellar sky.

Each constellation-  a different me

I shine like the shimmering of the stars.


Publisher: From The Depths – Haunted Waters Press

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