Memories Ajar


Inside a dark cabinet memories pile up and fade. It is stacked with boxes of aging photographs, albums, and framed portraits - all decades old and some apart at the seams. The weight of photograph albums crushes long forgotten secrets.


An aged Polaroid shows the family picnicking at the ocean. Pimento and cheese sandwiches with root beer under a red striped umbrella. Bruises peek out of swimsuits and sunglasses hide stitches. The photo marked: A day at the beach. A still life: Two pig-tailed girls look in the dresser mirror as they hold their china face dolls. The two daughters alone in their room - again. A wedding party: The gay groom with his naïve bride and hopeful parents. The lives of the family in the photographs disordered like the cabinet’s contents. Pictures of a family with deceptive truths. The cabinet door barely closes.


Published by The Milo Review