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Footprints in the Forest

At night Earth sings a lullaby of kingdoms

Raccoons prowl and birds nest,

worms burrow in the forest,

moths alight like stars in the sky.


Earth holds me in the folds of her apron,

dreams of purity tucked in her pocket.

Earth’s fabric fortifies

while nature’s anthem lulls me to sleep.


Fresh, clear water wanders like a grape vine,

fish glide freely in clean rivers,

pine perfumes the air.

On a moonlit night trees cast shadows.


Sun peeks through poplars

wild turkey scatter,

blossoms open to greet morning,

bees and butterflies pollinate.


In the forest of tomorrow

buzzing and fluttering fades,

native plants decline and insects dwindle.

Storm water clouds the creeks.


Reality rains in the forest.

Sweet night, return my dream

of a pure Earth.

I await my heart pounding.


Publisher:  Illinois State Poetry Society Journal | Distilled Lives 

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